Global Conservation Force has teamed up with "Nourish", a South African Non Profit Organization to help support the rural communities surrounding the Wildlife reserves.

Trash 2 Treasure is a recycled crafting initiative, run by a South African Non Profit "Nourish", that focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship opportunities for women/grannies and men in rural communities to learn skills, and make a livelihood from utilizing waste to create beautiful crafts and art. These are then marketed internationally and to the local market, to assist in bringing funds back into the community. A positive by-product of this is that recycling happens at a grassroots level in order to collect “crafting supplies”

Through funky crafts and clever entrepreneurship, Nourish hopes to use its “Trash 2 Treasure” project to encourage social consciousness and lodge involvement –and so to create a platform whereby local craftsmen and women can show and sell their wares to international tourists. These crafts however are more than just a souvenir- each piece is specially crafted from recycled goods- showing guests and tourists that we are more than just business minded, but have a heart for the environment too.

Trash to Treasure This is our second goal: to encourage local men and women in Acornhoek and surrounding communities to create arts and crafts using recycled goods. While we can encourage recycling, we cannot make it a reality until we bestow a personal benefit to it. Through encouraging creative crafting, we can put skills in place which are pro-active in cleaning the community as well as creating a sustainable source of income. Through this we not only encourage entrepreneurship, but also a “green mindset” that utilizes and respects the environment.