Painted Dog 5k/10k - 2020

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NOW A VIRTUAL EVENT ONLY: Pace the Painted Dog, if you dare! Join us for the 2nd annual Painted Dog 5k/10k!!

As we move forward, we understand that running/walking still remains one of the safest activities, especially when done alone. We know that in these trying times, running/walking will be a very useful tool in stress relief and maintaining healthy living, so with that we are continuing our race as a VIRTUAL EVENT! Wherever you are able to safely continue an active lifestyle, we want to offer the opportunity to motivate and promote that, as well as a chance to still make a difference for an endangered species. The Painted dog still needs you! Whether it is on the treadmill in the garage, running around the living room, or around the house, continue to challenge yourself. Select the Virtual 5k or Virtual 10k race, run/walk your miles on your own, when, and where you want, and get your medal, shirt, and goodies in the mail!

April 25, 2020: Run whenever you would like. This is likely around the time you will receive your kits in the mail!

5k   - $40 +shipping
10k - $50 + shipping

The most successful endurance hunter(runner) in the world needs your help! Here is your opportunity to race in honor and support of one of Africa's most endangered species, the Painted dog or "African Wild dog". Able to run 44mph at a sprint and hold 35mph for 3 miles, the Painted dog boasts a hunting success rate of 80-85%.

Running tech T-shirt, finisher medal, and sponsored goodie bags. All items will be picked up at event.

Being the most recent addition to Global Conservation Force's focal species, we've been able to achieve quite a lot for the Painted dog in a relatively short amount of time.

EDUCATION: In collaboration with a partner in Zimbabwe, we have supported an effort to build education facilities for a rural community that commonly encounters Painted dogs. These facilities will provide lessons & immersive experiences in local wildlife, sustainability practices, and introductory science. Essentially, the goal is to provide a community with the tools and resources they need to successfully co-exist with their native wildlife and assist in solving human-wildlife conflicts. Not only have we supported the effort in monetary terms, but also in providing lessons and interactive materials to the program, credit to our GCF education/outreach coordinators! We were also a helping hand in the production of an awareness segment for Painted dogs with a major news company here in the US.

RANGER SUPPORT: We have deployed one of our hand-to-hand combat instructors and one of our field medic instructors to two organizations in Africa that focus on conservation efforts for Painted dogs. Both organizations have anti-poaching ranger units that patrol the reserves and/or national park regions in their respective area. We provided those ranger units with advanced training to keep them safe in the event they need to apprehend a poaching suspect. These units are almost solely responsible for removing poaching snares in those Painted dog habitats. Snares are still one of the main causes for Painted dog fatalities. Outside of this effort, GCF anti-poaching rangers are often assisting in patrols and snare removals in many regions that Painted dogs pass through if not den in. We also try to provide small gear/equipment when possible too, such as portable power banks to keep communications and records up and running.

RE-LOCATION: So far we have collaborated with a partner and provided a re-location to a pack in need. Though we would love all packs to travel far and wide within their very large territories, as you know, habitat loss can create some fragmentations in populations which in turn can severely impact that population's ability to thrive. In the exceptional cases where an area may be facing a far too extreme case of human-wildlife conflict with the species, meaning farmers may have plans to kill them immediately and in conjunction there is a habitat once inhabited by Painted dogs that is suitable to re-populate, we would like to provide those opportunities. If possible, we would like to complete another re-location some time this year if a particular population continues to grow yet be shut off from the neighboring populations.

In the future, we have hopes of providing vaccinations to keep down the threat of rabies, potentially try to fund some tracking collars to give more conservationists/researchers a fighting chance to locate and check on the dogs for snares as well as communicate with the communities the dogs are closest to, and more wildlife education resources for children and young adults who see Painted dogs in their areas. We take our projects and efforts as far as we can with the funds that we raise!

Interested in being a sponsor for this event or know someone who is? Contact our Painted Dog Conservation Coordinator Weston Popichak, at, to learn more about our sponsorship tiers and donation needs!